CGS Makes Professional Colour Management Affordable

ORIS Press Matcher // Web is the flagship product in the CGS product portfolio. It provides professional colour management for a wide range of print environments and applications. Whether the environment be conventional, digital or a mixed conventional and digital print – small or large format, ORIS Press Matcher // Web ensures accurate, repeatable colour results. No need to employ expensive colour “gurus” – as the system gives users the tools to generate and control colour profiles with an easy to use, wizard based interface.

Until now, ORIS Press Matcher // Web has been aimed at larger print companies, however this is about to change: Smaller print companies can now also benefit from the ORIS colour expertize with the introduction of 2 new pricing options:

Staggered Pricing Model

  • The purchase price of ORIS Press Matcher // Web has been adjusted to be affordable for even smaller print shops who, for example, own a single light production digital press. CGS has done this by introducing 3 versions of the system – applicable to all print device types:
    • Low volume bundle – for presses up to 60 copies per minute.
    • Medium volume bundle – for presses between 60 and 80 copies per minute.
    • High volume bundle – for presses capable of printing 80 pages a minute or more. This bundle includes colour comrol for large format digital presses and conventional litho presses.
  • This means that the price for ORIS Press Matcher // Web starts at around R 40 000.00 – and this, without impacting on the quality that the system delivers.

Rent to Use Option

  • This versatile rental option means that ORIS is now available as “Software as a Service”. This means that the full functionality of the system is available without any major capital outlay.
  • Rental packages can be individually tailored to meet the requirements of the customer – both from a cost as well as a functionality perspective.
  • Rentals start from as little as R 1 900.00 per month.

No matter what the purchase option, ORIS Press Matcher // Web provides the same results.

  • Professional colour control – consistent colour across any print device.
  • Repeatable colour – on any device today or tomorrow or next month ……
  • Reduced ink or toner usage.
  • Ease of use – no need to employ colour experts to operate the system or buy in addition colour expertize.

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